Silicone Gel Heel Socks

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Product Overview


  • Keep your foot soft and sweat-free
  • Aimed at repairing dry hard cracked heels.
  • Comes with a foot care support cushion and gel pad.
  • Super elastic design makes it universal, worn by both men and women.
  • Toe free design
  • Reusable, Breathable fabric


  • TOE-FREE DESIGN: Wear the Silicone Gel Socks on the go for Ultimate Protection.
    • These Gel Socks stay put when you are walking and the Vented Design ensures that your feet are sweat-free
  • BOTANICAL GEL: Botanical Gel Pads in Heel part are rich in Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil and Olive oil.
    • They can constantly repair, eliminate heel pain and moisturize your heels to a natural and healthy look, nourish, provide ankle support and increase flexibility
  • REPAIR YOUR FEET: Built-in Hypo-Allergenic Gel in socks can provide an intensive hydration treatment to repair your dry, painful, hard and cracked skin on your heels.
    • Also these moisturizing heel sleeves provide an improvement of the appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging.
    • These foot heel protector can also be used with Foot Cream. Ultimate heel pain relief
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: Thick Padded Gel Pad in the socks absorbs pounding shocks, reduces friction and pressure.
    • These Anti Crack Heel Gel Socks can be worn comfortably all day with all types of footwear.
    • This heel pad prevents joint pain
  • IDEAL FOR ALL: These silicon heel cups for heel pain are ideal for women, men, kids, one size fits all.
    • This foot heel protector works well to prevent dry cracked heel, ankle pain, heel spur, chronic plantar fascists and skin rupture, effectively relief the foot pain
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC: The socks feature a porous design. This allows your feet to breathe freely and keeps them sweat free.
  • REUSABLE: After washing the socks retain their original properties. Hence they can be reused for a number of times.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review