Palm Safe Foam Based Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer [50Ml & 200Ml]


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Your hands touch so much on a daily basis. While you groom yourself and step out with utmost hygiene and cleanliness, your hands hardly stay clean after few hours.

Be it public transport or usual office spaces, desks, stair railing – are all these surfaces clean enough? If not, how many times can you possibly have access to water and soap to keep your hands sanitized?

We come with a magic solution of Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer. It is a foam-based and alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Just spray it once, rub your palms together with that little foam and enjoy the cleanliness of hygienic hands in just few seconds. It kills 99.9% germs within a few seconds of application. It’s time to guard yourself against disease-causing germs with the long-lasting protection of Palm Safe.

It comes in this fresh fragrance of Peppermint that leaves your hands always scented. The foam deeply nourishes your skin and prevents your tender skin from drying up. It’s like you can carry the hygiene of water and antiseptic soap in a handy bottle wherever you go! This sanitizer comes in two sizes – 200 ml (Home Pack) and 50 ml (Pocket Spray). It only contains active natural ingredients of Neem, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Clove Oil. So natural, so safe, so effective! Make Palm Safe your new hygiene essential today.


      • Handy, alcohol-free hand sanitizer
      • Kills 99.9% within a few seconds of application
      • Foam nourishes the skin
      • Prevents skin from drying up
      • Smooth & fresh scent of Peppermint
      • Available in 2 sizes – 50 ml & 200 ml
      • It Protects from germs within a few seconds of application


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