Renumax Scratch Remover Liquid for All Cars and Bikes (100 ml)

Rs.159.00 Rs.795.32

  • Premium quality scratch out paste
  • More coverage with less product
  • It is recommended for use to remove scratches and oxidized coating from all types of automotive paints finish
  • It is recommended for use to remove scratches and oxidized coating from all types of automotive paints finish
  • For Hand and Machine use

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Product description

100 ml Renumax scratches eliminator. Quickly and easily removes scratches and scrapes on your car or motorcycle. Over time, repeat journeys, changing seasons and the hassle of everyday life, micro scratches appear on your vehicle: it is inevitable. The Renumax scratch remover will allow you to remove those micro scratches easily. Repair your car yourself and without tools: Apply the Renumax on the damaged surface and wait a few minutes. Its formula is composed of millions of micro-particles that fill in scratches and make them disappear. The foam head is perfectly adapted to all surfaces and allows you to repair all kind of scratches. Useful and practical, you can keep it in the glove box of your car. Rent max is the must-have scratch eliminator. It is easy to apply. Shake the bottle, apply the product directly on the scratch, remove the excess liquid with a microfiber cloth, and the scratch will have disappeared. Save on repairs on your car.
Instructions for use:

1 – Clean the surface to be treated with a cloth.
2 – Shake the tube well before use.
3 – Apply the with the foam head
4 – Leave to act for a few minutes. Please note that this product is only effective against small scratches or scrapes.


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