6 Spice Jar set,Plastic Spice Jars Dispenser Easy Flow Storage.

6 Spice Jar set, Plastic Spice Jars Dispenser Easy Flow Storage

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Product Description

  • Material 100% ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Handy for Salt, Sugar, Powered Pepper, Common Seasonings
  • Six Box Combination Structure
  • Good Sealing, ready to pour out, cleanness & Sanitary
  • A House Hold article full of life's creative. Environment-Friendly, Durable, Exquisite & Beautiful.
  • Dispense all kinds of spices, seasonings, powders, and other ingredients and have a uniformly classic set of ingredients in your pantry or kitchen. with its clear, you no longer have to search through numerous packages while cooking just to find the perfect spice that you need just quick and easy access to your condiments
  • Gambit Spice Jar 6 Pcs Set, Cereal Dispenser Easy Flow Storage, Idle For Kitchen- Storage Box Container
  • VERSATILE SET » Includes Exclusive Sift and Pour, Snap-On, BPA Free Shakers for Easy Dispensing These empty mason like spice containers are designed with wide openings for faster and easier cleanup. These little spice jars are incredibly sturdy and dishwasher safe.
  • SPACE SAVER, SLIM, AIRTIGHT, MODULAR DESIGN, DISHWASHER SAFE - Remove those bags and boxes of pasta, cookies, chips, baking supplies, etc. and put your ingredients into Modular Containers whose space-efficient design maximizes shelf space.
  • DURABLE AIRTIGHT SEAL; RETAINS FRESHNESS: KEEP THE FLAVOR AND AROMA OF SPICES for a long period of time... The AIRTIGHT COVER securely fits the container so that no air can get in or out. Rest assured that you can store your seasonings with ease that its FRESHNESS WILL LAST.

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