NIVIA ‘Speed Leader’ 12ft.

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Product Description

Speed ladder from Nivia.

Agility Ladder
An ideal training and fitness tool, the Agility Ladder lays flat on the ground, allowing for a wide range of high intensity workout routines. Use it to improve foot speed, acceleration, leg and core strength, lateral movement, balance, and coordination. Adjustable rungs allow for desired spacing.
From enhancing cardio to fine tuning footwork and focus, the Agility Ladder makes a great choice for athletes, sports teams, coaches, fitness trainers, or anyone looking to switch up their routine.

The agility ladder can be used for endless drills, including two-foot in-out hops, high-knee runs, jumping jack variations, skiers, fight shuffles, 180-degree rotations, lateral single leg hops, carioca, straddle squat hops, and more. It also works for upper body drills like crab walks and pushups.
Football, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball - players of all sports can benefit from agility ladder training. Whether at home or the gym, in a park or on the field, the agility ladder helps users avoid boredom, maintain motivation, and enhance physical skill levels.

Use for training purposes.

Improves coordination of speed and legs exercise.

In-Box Contents: 1 Speed Ladder.

Product comes in Assorted Color

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