Mini Dust Pan and Brush Set for Dust Sweeper Desktop Cleaning

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Product Overview


  • Dust Pan With Brush :-
    • Convenient cleaning tool, easy to operate.
    • Portability and good clean effect.
    • Used to clean car air outlet vent and dashboard.
    • Also can be used to clean desktop, laptop, etc.
  • Easy and Efficient Cleaning:-
    • The handle is soft and comfortable, and the angle makes it well suited for counter top use.
    • The soft, plastic bristles are gentle enough to use on wood, stone, laminate flooring and even top surfaces like a kitchen counter top, shelf or furniture around the home.
    • Its angled brush tip lets you easily clean small crevices and tight corners.
    • This brush is so versatile that it can be used anywhere around the home including kitchens, laundry/utility rooms, garage areas and more.
    • Also great for use in small spaces like apartments, condos, dorms, cabins, RVs, boats and campers.
  • Easy Storage:-
    • This mini Broom’s size is compact and shape is slim, you can even hang it on the wall


  • Multi-function: cleaning desktop, dashboard, computer, keyboard, sofa, equipment in car, etc.
  • Featuring a miniature Dustpan and Brush this neat cleaning kit allows you to swiftly sweep away.
  • It is convenient and practical for you car air Vent and computer.
  • No need to get the vacuum or big brushes out for little clean-ups, dust, dirt and crumbs.
  • Weight light, convenient to carry.
  • Dimensions: 24 × 8 × 12 cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review