Hair Towel, Ultra Absorbent & Fast Drying Microfiber Towel For Fine & Delicate Hair

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Product Overview


  • No need to worry about dripping water after shower, just wear this cap and the water gets absorbed.
  • A perfect fit for your head.
  • It’s lightweight, not bulky like a towel.
  • The unique non-slip twist and loop system stays in places.
  • It is attractive and so comfortable that using towels to wrap your hair becomes obsolete.
  • Thirsty Microfiber dries hair quickly and eliminates over-drying.
  • Secure the turban with a quick twist and button in the back.
  • Saves time, energy than normal towels while promoting healthy hair.
  • Wash & re-use hundreds of times.


  • Material: Microfiber Fabric,
  • Shape: Round,
  • Function: Quick-Dry,
  • Color: Color may vary (Assorted)


  • Gentle on hair and skin, absorbs wetness and dries hair faster than normal towels.
  • Absorbing microfiber hair drying cap fits every head easily
  • Work without worrying of dripping water from wet hair


  • Place it on the back of head with the elastic loop on top.
  • Twist hair securely and place twist on top of Head.
  • Insert twist through loop and hair wrap stays in place.
  • Perfect for
    • Drying Hair.
    • Conditioning Hair.
    • Make Over.
    • Facial Cleansing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review